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    Dear Gawd, thank you, thank you, and more thank you for letting me be alive to enjoy the hypocrite-liberal justifying an iteration of the "Bonnie & Clyde" saga -- We humanoids enjoy our criminals! Again, thank you...

    Inquiring Minds want to know:
    How well is "What a Great Question" trending to just an okay question?
    ("What an excellent question" must be noted is getting some traction)

    The Library of Congress is prepared to update quotes should Hillary wins....Dr. A. Amos Watkins explained Shakespeare as well as others simply need "modernizing"...Gone will be such inflammatory quotes as Oh what a tangled web we weave / When first we practice to deceive..."We have our Shame Patrol ready should a Trumpster resort to sneaking a deleted quote back!" Dr. Watkins stated.

    Mark on your calendar November 10th
    This is a Russian holiday when she celebrates its secret police (Reference) -- This is a big deal holiday in Russia--The citizens love their secret police….
    (By the way, by the way, the KGB no longer exists since the early 1990s)

    TIP: The west best back-off tweaking Russia's nose -- Stop with making Russia the new Illuminati!
    After WWI, we did this with Germany and remember we got who and then w-what? WWII

    Wikileaks: Hope this service continues to monitor Washington regardless who wins November 8th since we no longer have a press that monitors Washington! Yea, even as a Trumpster, I want him monitored! I WANT CONGRESS MONITORED! SUPREME COURT! DEFENSE DEPARTMENT! THE WHOLE GD LOT OF EM IN WASHINGTON AND ON WALL STREET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Washington & Wall Street must be monitored 24/7! Monitor these scumbag, bas-turds! And monitor some more! I get sick of playing by the rules and these scumbags don't--and even if I agree with them....
    (Wish I could donate a George Soros amount of money to Wikileaks)

    1-sec after midnight on Halloween and off to the Xmas Race went Walmart -- Eff that GD Little Drummer Boy! ...Speaking of other things I WANT TO EFF-IT!

    I found a job more disgusting than working on the killing floor of Hormel, Alpo, Tyson, and so on: It is this job with Cologuard……Imagine, your job is upon receipt, opening these GD containers?! Bet who does this is avoided at the company Xmas party…Can you imagine getting your PhD in "poop examination"?
    Dearest God, you-do-not-stop entertaining me! Bravo to your humor!

    Misc. & Et Cetera
    Seneca to Lucilius: On groundless fears...
    Think about this
    Each birthday, here is a nice gift, find a star that many light years away: for example, 40 light years away mean that star's light left on the date s/he was born....

    And please consider adopting a pet from your local kill shelter -- Start with the most unwanted, then work from there

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