Research: How to Hype the Virus

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    When my neighborhood druggist asked if I would like a vaccine with that, I yell, "I am a total vaccine fan boy of vaccines!"
    I do not want shingles, Smallpox, plague, Leprosy, whooping cough. Pneumonia, or the latest flu….
    Imagine getting one of these diseases and knowing you could have easily prevented it happening
    (Ask the next movie / TV star who is anti-vaccine if s/he will fly in to help you if you get polio, or the flu. Big Shot, walk your talk! I got the flu, could you bring me some Gatorade?)

    Confessing I love vaccines, let's take a very non-scientific tour of the virus to see how we can hype a virus

    What is a virus?
    • A virus is essentially a dot of DNA, thus super, super, super, I mean, super small--beyond the power of the electron microscope
    • A Virus qua Virus is semi, sort of, kinda alive
    • Its support system comes from the host (you, me, pets, plants, i.e., anything alive)
    • A virus becomes a 'Pirate"
    • Virus self-assembles within hijacked host cells
    • A complete virus particle (pirate) is known as a virion
    • One issue is how does a virus jump species: the virus of livestock or of jungle animals high jacking humans, too?
    • Swimming in a sea of various viruses, the best defenses are empty standing water, avoiding shopping cart handles, door handle of schools, and medical facilities--anywhere a virus transfer can occur!
    • Next, washing your hands to avoid a virus entering the body, because a virus will exploit any weakness to high jack something inside you--for example, rubbing your eyes or using your hand to put food in your mouth
    • With wild sex, use a freaking rubber!
    • Finally, take vaccine shots (remember antibodies are defenses against bacteria)
    • The purpose of a vaccine is our immune system develops a "memory" of the virus, as well as have in place a stronger defense

    1. Because the flu virus can easily fight back (mutate), each season new flu vaccines are needed
    2. How long a virus is active will vary with the virus -- Some such as the shingle or syphilis virus can lay "sleeping" for years, or forever, in a potential host
    Virus Hyping
    The Zika fight in the United States is finally about to be funded. On Wednesday, Congress approved a $1.1 billion deal, which is now waiting on President Barack Obama’s signature. Obama wanted 1.9 billion dollars(Source)

    How It Is Done
    • This (defense and anti-terrorist spending sprees) is how the Wall Street-Washington feeds on the tax dollar
    • An ideal virus is one that can be "childrenized" -- Any tax eating frenzy loves the sight of anguish children
    • Scare the public into blindly spending more!
    • For example, notice how Zika has replaced Ebola? How magically Ebola disappeared? "Drain" one scare, then move to a new one. I do not want anyone to suffer, but I hate my tax dollar pseudo used!
    Here is the problem with ANY bio-medical research
    • Unlike with the "moon landing" grand plans, biological related issues are not technological
    • "Biological Landing" solving is excruciatingly difficult to discover the literal tidbits of insights and discoveries...
    For example, Alzheimer's Disease
    • Stripped of the terms, this disease is the brain becoming clogged up when a certain protein goes rogue
    • That's it! Researchers can see it with the various X-Rays and sadly, the only real way, touch it through autopsies
    • With all the high octane scans, scientist can follow the Alzheimer progression
    • Why then cannot by now someway be found to "unclog" the brain, or even stop the clogging?!
    • One person develops Alzheimer's, while another person in the same situation does not--WHY?! Why does a certain protein fold wrong?
    • No amount of "Alzheimer's Disease Landing" can solve this
    • Agonizing basic science grunt work is needed, not plugging in technology fed by blind Washington spending
    • Drug companies spend tons of money for a solution to make trillions on defeating Alzheimer's
    • A Nobel awaits the scientist who pulls off this Alzheimer conundrum
    • Ditto, any "Cancer Landing" gung-hoism is another way to loot a scared taxpayer
    Sadly, with the next virus scare, when the Zika virus has been "mined out," we will need a medical "moon landing" spending spree for a new virus scare
    Bio-medical, sadly, does not operate with "moon landing" thinking
    Grunt work is expensive and certainly not glamorous

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