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    Let all your things have their places. Let each part of your business have its time.
    Benjamin Franklin

    My nature is to over accumulate. (Franklin always felt he was messy.) I can so over save I fail to save, and this is more nerve wracking than simply not being able to find something. A “pile” has a certain beauty: the art is what I want is in the pile. This is one way a “piler-filer” can gain some control:
    1. Before I "pile-file," I do pull any obvious legal and tax documents ASAP <== Crucial at year end!
    2. I carefully save a legal document I sign, or is legally “forced-assumed” I signed, e.g., a speeding ticket<== NOT signing still makes the ticket legal <== SAVE LEGAL / TAX PAPERWORK!!!!
    3. Some of the incoming daily flood of paperwork is obvious junk mail; therefore trash on the spot
    4. Otherwise, in a large box I stack what is left
    5. Again, after my Federal tax crap has been filed, I go to the box, turn over the pile, then sort down
    6. I pull (sort and filter) any type of “paperwork” from my pile filing cabinet. This will enable finding what counts
    7. Pile-filing solves a key problem: I may not realize something is important until later <== some important stuff come in looking as if it is junk mail; thus, I only do a toss AFTER tax season
    8. SAVE ALL LEGAL AND TAX DOCUMENTS IN A FIREPROOF SAFE!!! This is particularly true with IRS crap
    Online piling-filing:
    1. Set-up filters for obvious spam
    2. Too often “unsubscribing” simply indicates you are still active
    3. Have a file for legal and tax documents
    4. Have as few folders as possible -- Pile-file!
    Filing cabinets—as with trash cans—become magnets for trash!
    1. I "file cabinet" as seldom as possible!!!! A file cabinet easily becomes trash can
    2. Unless X is legal or "taxy," I want to toss:
    3. Manuals can be found online
    4. Warranties, etc., can be copied and saved online.
    With labeling folders
    1. Initially use numbers 10, 20, 30
    2. Within a folder 33, for example, can be added
    3. Let your spreadsheet worry about putting things in alphabetical order, or any other order you have a column <== Worry only about the initial column
    Misc. Point
    NO USE OF SHOE BOXES, NOR COFFEE CANS <== cannot see into them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Use only jars & clear containers


    You are only as strong as your paperwork -- You are your paperwork --- Documentation can trump even big time lawyers! Finding your paperwork is as important as having it....

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