Research for the Week of 10/24/16: Learning to Appreciate DDOS

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    No comments on the November 8th election, other than by my Game Theory I am now calling for a Trump Win

    Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDOS)
    A DNS is a system that translates human-readable domain names into the numerical IP address that direct the flow of traffic to specific servers
    Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks involve a bunch of compromised systems that have been hijacked and added to a virtual swarm of zombie machines called a botnet
    Simplicity and security are not great bedfellows

    In simple terms I can grasp is a DDOS attack is analogous to a Flash Mob surrounding a Walmart on Black Friday
    Internal Security is not the big deal--Stopping shopping in this case is the point: loss of customers by blocking them
    Such Flash Mobs can be initiated simply on social media
    Each person of the attack can be thought of as a botnet
    With computers, most internet users know of the value for security whether users do XYZ, or not is another issue
    A DDOS attack is financial damage

    Unfortunately, as noted with The Big Slam against Netflix, etc., the "mob" that struck came from weak or no security for all the unsecured crap constantly being plugged into the web--"The Internet of Things" (IOT)
    "Junk connections" to the internet come in such things as an internet connected toilet paper roller to let you know if you need toilet paper
    Obviously, these connections could care less about security
    Plus, if you need to "broadcast" to the web whether you need a new toilet paper roll, well, maybe you should get out of the GD gene pool and play in the highway…

    The big deal, however, is a hacker can plug into your "toilet paper reader" to re-send yet another "user" to the attacked site--The infection self-propagates.
    Multiply all this by the millions of open ended IOT crap, and you have formed a Flashed Mob against a company
    The problem right now we’re in IoT overload. There are companies out there right now doing everything they can to make every object you interact with a part of the Internet: e.g., surveillance cameras, DVRs or routers… It infects them and self-propagates

    The big boys--Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Google, etc. can cope by switching and rolling over their server farms located around the world
    A small business, however, will not be so lucky

    Levels of Protection

    Only the biggest of the big boys can try self-protection
    For lesser players, the Internet Provider (ISP) will throw in the towel
    For example, a "hit" local pizza joint will quickly have its ISP drop them as too expensive to continue to help
    The big boys can "switch out" of an attack--over time

    To see this war in real time: (These are fun to watch, by the way)
    begin here:
    These are "honeypots" getting hit
    A honeypot wants to be hit, because the attack targets can learn what is out there--however, the attackers can also learn
    Current Real Virus Attacks
    Another look
    More Internet Attack Maps
    At the next DDOS attack, check out these sites
    November 8th and 9th should have some movie-like attacks, BOO-YAH!!

    To be noted:

    Cramer, Buffett, etc., warn about China's stock market--DON'T INVEST
    As a Game Theory Investor, I have this admonition: it is too costly to properly examine all the cheap crap we buy that connects to the internet, e.g., what all "else" is being secretly installed on the chips made and installed in China?!

    This will not be the last Flash Mob to hit the internet, particularly now this weakness has been successfully tested
    For example, what the attackers learned was how the big boys fought back! To pull off this attack, you can safely assume the attackers studied the fight-back…
    Facebook has the resources to fight, while Joe's Pizza does not; and an attack on Joe's can be basic, and-d his Internet Provider (ISP) will quickly shut him down

    My Game Theory Investing Tip:
    1. I am setting up "trip wires" (Limit Buy Orders) for November 9th
    2. I expect all hell to break out the day after the election
    3. For example, a normal $20 stock that wavers between $18 to $22 might dip to $14--BING, I BUY!!!!!
    4. Actually, I do this all the time, because I am madly in love with Flash Crashes
    Yea, you can find love, really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don't be another hypocrite-liberal, puh-leaze!, Purity puhleaze...
    Actually give a damn about the unwanted...

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