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    This is my first post on this forum.


    I´m an global private investor who´s always looking for new investments. My best investments have been when I found specific companies in coming hot areas, for example new hot potential medical areas for new medicines, crypto currencies (but many fake to watch out for), new Tech-companies and more...

    Hottest industry in the future?: AR/VR/AI/MR

    For a while I´ve been looking for investments in the coming hot area around AR/VR/AI/MR.
    Many so called experts are ore and more saying we are heading towards an explotion in these markets.

    One of the most haussed companies in the market s Magic Leap:

    Magic Leap is evolving with a lot of secrets around the Company, although the company yet to release their first Product the rumour now tells it could be valued at $8 billion (!) when raising Money, this tells how hot this field are becoming.

    The one thing that´s common for the companies in the AR/VR/MR area is that one have to wear glasses or devices to join this World. It´s a kind of "do it for yourself", You can´t share it easily with others, to share the excitement you feel. Of course it will become a huge business in many areas, but I have found another Company in this industry. The danish company RealFiction.


    A description of RealFiction from their website:

    "Realfiction is the leading global manufacturer of mixed reality solutions for retail, education, events and brand activations. Our pioneering displays generate attention that resonates with today’s consumer who increasingly live beyond the reach of classic advertising."

    The above is their core business from earlier year, revenue for 2016 about 1,8 MUSD.

    An example of their Product in this field, describing how the french division of Kellogs inreased their sale by 60%(!):

    DeepFrame the revolution in MR/Mixed Reality

    The revolution in MR for Realfiction is the recently launched patented product called DeepFrame. With DeepFrame RealFiction can do VR/AR for everybody at the same time!

    Description of DeepFrame from RealFiction website:

    "World's largest mixed-reality display

    "Imagine a display system, that creates a mixed reality experience that looks like living holograms. A display that projects living images as a layer onto the real world in any size and over any distance, using filmed or 3D animated content in full colour and 4K resolution.”

    - Peter Simonsen, Inventor of DeepFrame"

    "A view to another dimension

    DeepFrame is a technology that looks very much like a window. Looking through it you see reality seamlessly mixed with huge animations looking like holograms.

    There is no need for glasses

    DeepFrame is a social experience that can be viewed by multiple viewers at a time, without the need of having to wear glasses. This is an obvious advantage in any public location."

    Watch these amazing links about DeepFrame:|05d51de5-4876-4bde-9e63-5bbddf9acde6

    Rocket launch with DeepFrame and usable areas/industries:

    International articles about DeepFrame

    Report from Goldman Sachs about AR and these fields of technology:

    The investment-case of RealFiction

    RealFiction is listed on Nasdaq First North:

    The market cap of Realfiction is just above 13 MUSD. Recently listed on friday 14th of july.

    RealFiction impresses with customers of World-leading brands, for example:

    BMW, Breitling, Samsung, Coca Cola, Martell, Diesel and many more....

    I Think my investment in RealFiction will becoming a huge success, the potential is fantastic and with DeepFrame I think RealFiction will explode in revenue in the future.

    My personal opinion is that I want to be a shareholder Before the first Projects of DeepFrame will be communicated, therefor and because of their already promising and expanding business I have already invested in RealFiction.


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