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    Hey Guys Let me introduce myself since I am new to the forum....
    I am currently a college student 20 years old starting my first year of a music performance associates than will be getting a business degree and focusing on portfolio management (maybe work for a bank or something). I decided to start learning now, (now I wish I started learning way earlier lol - its fun!!). My ultimate goal is to be able to see some consistent revenue coming in by the time I go on to my business degree (in around 2 years, not looking to get rich, just consistent profits). I have been doing demo for about 5 months, and have seen improvement... Especially after I quit trying to do binary options on Nadex Demo (i feel like they are way to fast for a beginner to really learn the ins and outs of the stock market) and switched to "vanilla" options and will be using Ally Invest when I go live (mainly for the, no minimum initial deposit for self directed trading). I found myself looking for a discussion forum, because I feel that is important to be able to talk with people who are already very successful themselves, and really listen to what they have to say on what I post.

    Alright so here is my question, can you guys give me some feedback on my strategy I am going to be implementing on investopedia demo simulator, for options... Worked on this strategy the whole weekend, and I feel like it will be pretty successful, but would like some input on it.....

    1. Stochastic - using to gauge when to start looking for entry, or exit
    2. MACD- to gauge when I need to get out of a trade with a profit/loss
    3. RVI - relative strength index: Using on cross over, to enter into long position, basing trade direction (call or put) from stochastic i.e overbought/oversold areas
    4. Also, trading off of 1 Day time frame on charts (any thoughts?)

    * I am using tradingview.com for my charts and am on the free plan, so I am trying to keep my indicators down to three or less, as sites I have read on say - you shouldn't need more than 3 technical indicators...

    Thanks for any feedback!!

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