QASP I know the Pheonix of penny stocks.

Discussion in 'Stock picks and trading strategies' started by Rat Fink, Oct 22, 2012.

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    This about sums it up. I swear this stock has 9 lives.

    Its about one of the best paid for interviews I have heard. The new cleaned out shell is back with the original vision. 3 times a charm, but this time looks to be a real fun play. The Company has claims aginst NHSH and winning at every step in court. Its just a matter oif time now.
    QASP will become the controlling share holder of NHSH and by default becomes the controling arm of Mine seeker, UK. The good thing QASP doesnt even need NHSH and M/S thats just apple pie.
    The old CEO got caught red handed setting up the shell NHSH all the while he was stripping assesets of QASP and moving them into his pockets and M/S.

    QASP will take over NHSH and make M/S work. More Pie.

    And please take the time to listen to the interview. I know the past better than anyone.

    Low float with a story that has always been in the works. Its growing. Thers this thing SEVIS that allows The Company to issue Visas to foreign Student Pilots and get them over here to train, $60K per student. Its been 90 days and approval PR is any second day or week. Once that falls in place QASP has students lined up as I type. Its much cheaper to train over here. Fuel cost is 2/3 cheaper. Plus who wouldnt want to come to Florida to hang out for a year close to the beach.
    The need is out there for other countries.

    And the best, due to this Promo for the interview, the Float has probably risen from 4.8mm to something North of that. Its being sold today, so its a killer time to bottom fish .005 is where I sit with an empty sack wide open looking for cheaper shares. .
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    Bottom fishing was an understatement, brought my fish'n pole and should of brought some DynO'mite.
    Big predicted DIP and most who are looking and like the story's new direction got some killer loads. On the bounce now, but the SEVIS is a big unknown. Ya cant put a finger on the time element. Makes it kind of fun.
    The Promo guys I pray are out and the interview is what Ths story paid for. Shares well spent in my mind. Most of us got a good average down and holding tight.
    I'm looking for this to have some wild swings. Putting up the fishing pole and getting out my sharp shooting gun. The Dips will be fast and wont last long.
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    733.33% run today into the close. I was hopeing for 1000+% and with 2mm shares. Now thats half the free float. Opps old free Float. The FF is in Limbo. Still a low Floater. I have failed on the DD. I should have been keeping up with the dollar Volume on the big dumps. I assume a good Promp interview cost $20K . My assumption is the $20k was raised as the pps got creamed.
    I still will keep an eye out for more shares sneaking in taking out this good momentum.
    The end Game is SEVIS approval. Then the fun starts.
    .001 may paint again on the ASK, but trips, Its hard to think. Shares bought today are in hands waiting on this SEVIS.

    Low float, held tight. It buys in a snap. Many are in the wings just wishing to pounce for some make up returns. Great day in Q.
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    What a bummer, no trading today. Being knee deep in the Gulf, I feel for the major PIA thats about to land Up North.
    Finda ya a FEMA camp and get the $2K debit card they will pass out. Buy some QASP stock. \

    Sat on the 733.33% all week end waiting on the edge of my seat for the openong and probably will have to wait another 2 or 3 days.

    Yall be safe up there. Its hell living without power, gas and a way out. The wife had a 3 day in BWI and had to leave Sunday around 3P. The A-holes didnt have the stones to cancel the meeting till this AM. She would be sitting in BWI this AM with not a rent a car to be had.
    Man its not the storm that bad its how society is pulled from its roots and left exposed. The wife can fly across the Country with $2 bucks in her pocket and never miss a beat.
    What a Country we live in, we go without cable and my family becomes cave people.

    I pray we dont look back years from now thinking this was the best of times, because TODAY is always the best of times.
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  6. Rat Fink

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    222% now.

    Thats 955% from the bottom called on[​IMG]

    Nice work guys!!! Even a BID slap will rise it again. The ASK just jumped higer and over on the BID side. Thats a can of corn!
  7. Rat Fink

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    QASP has been given plenty of 60% to todays 25% gains. Its trading in a nice range but low volume swings. A $3.45 paint job at the close drops for a 12% loss on the day, LOL, I pitty the guy selling me his 27K today on the ASk to only get 345 shares fed to him on the BID. That cost him $8 commission just to take someone's shares. If you want QASP, you will have to buy the ASK price and slowly, 10k at a time. Any big buys and its flys. 60K is being offered today on the ASK, excellent starter position. But flipping for a reload on the BID is just too risky with the lack of time for SEVIS.QASP gets a new plane, QASP completes its merger with A-cent flight school in Colorado Springs. Its coming together
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    Time is very slim and volume is very low. Its hard to get shares with out sending this up hard. All the signs News is about to drop. between Monday to wed Jan3rd I smell news about what QASP will become. The BID sizes have exploded in size, bashing has increased and I feel leaks have happened and we are about to get some big time news. PM me if you want more numbers. I hope any that took a look over the past month got some while the getting is good. You cant get real money in now unless you create an artificial momo run, and those are never good. Just a few $100 is about all ya can do now. No one is selling shares to exit ande tells me the Free float is bought up and held tight. A few 504s are going on but nothing to worry about. This news will be a game changer. So many irons in the fire. 2013 will be a bumper year for Q.

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