Question: Problem with Think or Swim Custom Buy with Stop

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    Trying to do a custom buy with a .5% stop loss from entry. The sell order immediately gets rejected saying "TRIGGERED" Stop TRG may not have a stop price." Images attached of my trade settings and the canceled orders showing that message. The buy order still gets filled. It's just the sell to close that gets auto-canceled. I understand the latency between order entry, fill, and stop loss order may cause the stop to trigger before the stop loss is put on the books, but at 0.50%, the stop isn't tight enough for that. As you can see from the examples on AAPL, the stop trigger price of 0.50% at 13:00 was $138.23, which was well short of the candle at that time. In fact, AAPL's intraday low was 138.64, so there's no way the stop. What am I doing wrong? Does the message "may not" have a stop price mean "might not" or "can not"? I interpreted it as "might not," but if it means "can not", then how do I do an in/out order with a stop loss?

    canceled orders.png

    trade entry.png
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    The other weird thin is if I try it with 5 shares, the order fills with the stop loss exactly where it should be. But when I bump it up to $5k, then the stop loss always gets triggered before it gets entered. I should clarify that even though the sell stop says "TRIGGERED", it's never actually triggered where it closes my position. The buy order fills, and I just stay in the position without a stop loss. Not a huge deal with 0.50% stop. I can always go back and enter it after the buy is filled, but eventually I'd like to scalp with a 2-3 pip stop, so I need the in/out order to work as intended. :)
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    Stop using MKT orders. Use Limit orders.

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