Pre-Market and After-Market Trading

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  1. MaryKay1965

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    I'm sure this has been asked/discussed before, but I couldn't find a thread relating to this question.

    Can the "average Joe" get an online brokerage account that offers pre-market and after-hours trading. I'm sick and tired of learning about record breaking news before or after the market opens/closes and watch as the price of a stock makes tremendous gains/losses.

    In order to trade outside of the 9:30-4:00 EST time frame, do you have to be "special"? Anyone willing to share some light on this issue?
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    The premium platforms of most of the online brokers offer some form of A/M and P/M trading. More advanced platforms allow you to choose the specific ECN (electronic communications network) you wish to use.
    These networks allow the "average Joe" to trade in the extended hours. It's a piece of cake, just like during normal hours, except there might be an ECN charge (usually around $.005/share).
    I certainly wish you the type of success most regular traders enjoy in extended hours trading.
  3. MaryKay1965

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    Thanks, Aiki.

    Currently I use Zecco. I have no problems except they do not offer pre or after hours trading. Does anyone that uses after hours trading want to list the name of their broker along with the pros and cons. Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated.
  4. Jelly

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    Scottrade will do it. Maybe need a 25K margin acct tho. Their Elite platform is pretty good.
  5. Hondaboy

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    You can do with out the need of elite.

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