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Discussion in 'Stock picks and trading strategies' started by Svenwulf, May 23, 2006.

  1. Svenwulf

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    Ok still fine tuning my technical model. When the market is choppy or crappy it is important to keep your discipline. This is my hit list tomorrow, 5.24.06. They are all quite crappy companies, and are intended for short term pocket money only. They have been lighting up my volume screens (short term), and are all thinly traded. This makes them vulnerable to price manipulation, but thats what we are kinda banking on. Ok, after my model here goes.
    Buy for a bounce:
    BSTE in at 44.50 sell 45.08
    VSAT in at 25.01 sell 25.24
    ELK in at 27.29 sell 27.58
    Short for correction:
    BYI sell at 15.49 buy back 15.30
    CONR sell at 23.28 buy back 23.01
    CVO sell at 17.39 buy back at 17.23
    If you act on these recomendations you are foolish. Just putting the numbers out so maybe someone starts talking about their model. You do have a model don't you? These positions are opened and closed tomorrow. Also the enteries are crafted to ensure current market momentum, so if they don't trip by 1pm tomorrow, scrap it and buy some AAPL. Happy hunting!
  2. englishman26

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    XSNX and SUF did well for me today and I expect more of the same tomorrow. JNJ has been a rock throughout the last 2 weeks.
  3. englishman26

    englishman26 Active Member won weekly contest 6x

    Oh and URNZ - that was good today and will be good the rest of the week, I think. (hence my pick inthe weekly stockpickers' bash!)
  4. Svenwulf

    Svenwulf Active Member won weekly contest 2x

    For people who like to trade names, how can you not be loading up on GS, AAPL, and i hate to admit CVX right now?

    NATHAN LLOYD Active Member

    I like your style of trading here, but you have to have a good bit of money to do all those trades in one day. I don't know how many in here could do that. Once I have a large enough capital, I'd love to trade like that above.
  6. clavocat

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    i got in SU and HOM more of long term, SU until around september when gas prices come to a hault, and HOM once hurricane season is over, however i will backout if i make a nice return early, and stay in later if the outlook is good, this is just my plan, plan your trade and trade your plan, right? Right ;)
  7. Technical Alchemist

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    Short the oil patch. This bounce is unwarranted as the hurricane news was nothing new. Oil will be back down by the end of the week barring a draw in inventory tomorrow.
  8. MoMoney4Me

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    To watch on Wednesday

    Shares of biopharmaceutical companies developing avian flu treatments were up in after-hours trading following a World Health Organization report of a potential human-to-human bird flu infection. Government officials in Indonesia confirmed an additional case of avian flu in a 32-year-old man, part of a family cluster of seven confirmed cases, six of which were fatal. The man's 10-year-old son died on May 13 after being infected with the H5N1 virus. "The father was closely involved in caring for his son, and this contact is considered a possible source of infection," WHO said in a press release. In the extended trading session, shares of Novavax (nasdaq:NVAX) rose 15%, while BioCryst Pharmaceuticals (nasdaq:BCRX) gained 14% .
  9. SpongeBob

    SpongeBob Member

    GROW. up 13% today and still have 15 to 20% rebounce margin.
  10. Svenwulf

    Svenwulf Active Member won weekly contest 2x

    Maybe i shoulda posted this on Thierry's other site. I am just curious how technical people are doing in this churn. I, by no means, have the capital to chase each of my projections, but do use the information to revise my assumptions. Its more like a play book, so when the street is stuffing my run, i go to the play action pass. The projections are always subject to common sense, news, and instinct. Ok, enough, get to the good part, the numbers:
    BTSE was soft on the open so bravery required at the enty. Minimum exit to make it worthwhile hit at 44.70. Gain 0.4%
    VSAT some analyst makes some noise so all bets are off. Anything more than double target is piggish, exit at 25.50. Gain 1.9%
    ELK pure technical execution. Targets hit by noon. Gain 1.0%
    BYI failed to qualify.
    CONR owwie. let you out later with minimal pain. out 23.28 back in 23.35. Loss 0.3% Prolly lower by end of week.
    CVO short model needs some tuning, selling way too low again. Hit the targets though. Gain 0.9%
    I would be more than happy to talk some shop, or post more projections, but i think this post is long enough as is. Happy farming, that hunting can be dangerous!
  11. Luc1Grunt

    Luc1Grunt forum leader

  12. Pinguin

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  13. Svenwulf

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    Entries? Exits? Time frames? I guess im just being way too picky, so let me loosen up here with just some quick hits for tomorrow 5.25.06. Again one day wonders only, generally poor companies.
    Buy for a bounce:
    ARS in near 41 out near 41.50
    CBG in near 69 out near 70
    UBB in near 59 out near 59.50
    Short for the correction:
    FAF near 43.50 buy back near 42.00
    MNT near 41.00 buy back near 40.00
    NCI near 20.50 buy back near 20.00
    I will spare you the painful exactness i displayed earlier.
  14. Svenwulf

    Svenwulf Active Member won weekly contest 2x

    I didn't put in there for entertainment purposes only blah blah blah. If you take my advice your a fool and should just give your investment money to charity.
  15. SpongeBob

    SpongeBob Member

    I don't believe Merrill Lynch has upgraded GM and push the price +8%. They set the target price to $37. WTF... @@

    Keep you eyes on this sucker, short sell it when you see it start to move back again. I wish it up another 5 to 10% in this week, so that I can take a bigger profit when it move back to $24 level.

    NATHAN LLOYD Active Member


    There is some BS going on with this GM stock. Everyone upgraded it. HMMM. That must mean that they all bought it. Right? This stock has sympathy with ignorant Americans. How did it go from reporting a big loss to making a profit last quarter? That seems fishy too.

    Now, they're subsidizing gas to get rid of inventory, and that causes an upgrade???? Subsidizing gas is about the most ignorant thing I could think of. Wait till gas hits $3.50 in Florida and California. I'll be LMAO while shorting it. Now we know to short GM when we buy oil when the first hurricane starts up. There are a bunch of ignorant people out there.
  17. aiki14

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    CVX oversold and getting 3 days of Cramer support (he listed it as #2 on his list of companies who support stock price with buy backs and had it as his stock pick on CNBC's Stop Trading segment yesterday at 3:30).
    Jun 60 calls are at .60 with the stock price of 57.80 and plenty of beta right now for an oil stock.
    ABAX has taken a monster hit (down 35% in 2 weeks after good earnings and losing a major distributor) and is way ready for a retracement. CEO reaffirmed '06 guidance and a director bought 5000 shares tues aftermarket. Jun 17.50 calls are .45 with a stock price of 16.61
    CHDT has given back some gains over the last 2 days on no news and I think it's an attractive penny at this time. They are an exclusive supplier of back up generators for Home Depot in Fla, and the share price has been driven down with the HD price.
    HD is cheap right now after the CEO pay package nonsense, and with hurricane season imminent I like them. They get tons of free advertising every time a hurricane is in the works and a local is interviewed in the parking lot with a pick up full of plywood and duct tape.
    Disclaimer: I'm in all of the above and want you to buy the price up.
  18. Svenwulf

    Svenwulf Active Member won weekly contest 2x

    Alright very briefly, looks like we are tuning the volume screens nicely as follows:
    ARS up 4.5%
    CBG up 5.8%
    UBB up 6.4%
    FAF down 1.1%
    MNT finish up 0.8% but executed intraday for 1.00
    NCI finish up 0.6% but again executed intraday for 0.50
    Good to see a good market day, but its over Tuesday. Again this post is purely hypothetical and any action upon it would be very foolish. Good luck!
  19. SpongeBob

    SpongeBob Member

    You are playing UBB too? haha, this is a good stock that you can gain good profit from the pattern. Here is my $0.02. Put BBD on your watchlist, they are twins sisters. If you see one of them start to move up, you can consider buying another. Same idea for the downtrend. You can make good profit from that if you can monitor it closely.

    UBB and BBD follow the interest rate as well (of course, they are the bank stocks), if you know the FED guys is going to make some BS announcement, just short them.

    GROW is another good stock, have a look. You can make 5 to 10% from this crazy guy but you need to follow it closely. It is a good flipping stock.

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