PDP.V (C$ 22 M) 6 Drugs on Market & 5 more near Approval !!!

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    This Undiscovered Company has 6 Drugs on Market and 5 under review by Health Canada . The Game Changer for Pediapharm is Easyhaler which expected to approved before year end .Another reason to own the Stock is the upcoming US-Partnership for Naproxen which also expected before year end . This Stock is a Lifetime Opportunity .

    Pediapharm (PDP.V) listed only in Canada

    MarketCap: C$ 22.2 Millionen
    Cash: C$5.5 Millionen

    Price: $0.31

    Nice Summary (Fact Sheet)

    New Presentation

    Pediapharm has submitted its reconsideration package to Health Canada regarding Easyhaler Budesonide. The Company’s objective remains to obtain a marketing approval by the end of 2015.

    Furthermore, before the end of 2015, the Company intends to sign an agreement with a US commercial partner for the selling and marketing of its first product acquisition in the US; namely the Pediapharm Naproxen Suspension. Pediapharm believes that with this agreement, the Company will reach profitability more rapidly.

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