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    I am looking into Day Trading as a career and was hoping to get some advice from some others who have been where I am.

    I've been reading/ have these books; Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques, Technical Analysis of Financial Markets, An American Hedge Fund (tim sykes). I have also been watching a lot of Tim Sykes video lessons (like his 4hour pennystockking videos, and youtube), and studying and taking notes on them.

    Are there any other resources or people/mentors you know of that really helped you when you were starting out?

    As this is my first post, a little about me if you're interested; 22y.o., in University for Accounting (Not quite liking it and am looking to switch majors.) Since then, I was considering if it might be better to attend a "trading course" and put 100% focus on this, versus, switching majors and spending the next 3-4 years doing that while I try to learn to trade part time.

    (Are there any Trading Courses out there that are actually worth doing? There seems to be a lot of people, some good and some really shady.) I was looking at Warrior Trading, and there are some "local" trading "schools" as well (In Canada.)
    ....Or would I be better off continuing to study on my own, then (once I feel I've exhausted my resources and have had some success paper trading) joining a mentor/chatroom/group? (Sykes' Profitly is like $150 per month.)
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