Question: Need basic strategy help on a profitable trade I made

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    In the last 4 months I've made a 500% profit on a long digital currency position...

    Then I did this:

    1. Sold 1/3 stock
    2. Used 50% of sold capital and reinvested it in a different stock position
    3. Now I am waiting to reinvest remaining 50% back into my original stock because i think it will go down about 20% in coming days...

    I don't really know much about trading, I'm just using my instinct based on independent reading and gut.

    Is this even a strategy? Am I hedging my position?

    Would love to get some feedback, would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Acstudio

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    Unless there is some inverse relationship between the positions, you are not hedging anything. You just have a portfolio of stock and cash and you are just betting on direction. If it were me? I wouldn't own anything that I'm up 500% in...I would have long since taken picked a winner, are you waiting for it to turn into a loser? Unless you just want to maintain a position in digital currency which is understandable....and waiting for a pullback to get back in is as good a plan as any. But make no mistake that whatever happens to the value of either will have little to nothing to do with what you believe to know.

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