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Discussion in 'Forum information and help' started by englishman26, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. Ferran Lambert

    Ferran Lambert New Member

    Hello from Croatia! How are you guys? I have a full time job, however i have been trading with demo accounts for a year and now I am planning to try the real thing.
    Any advices would be most welcome.
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  2. newtothis

    newtothis New Member

    Hello Ferran,

    Welcome to the board, I am extremely new, But the only thing I can offer is decide if your trader or investor. And Never trade or invest with money you need to pay your bills.
  3. Gold IRA Investor

    Gold IRA Investor New Member

    Just wanted to take a moment and say hi to everyone. Forum looks amazing and I hope to learn a lot. Already read some great threads. Hope to meet some new friends and add as much value as possible. Thanks for having me and look forward to learning and having fun.
  4. EliezerWee

    EliezerWee New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a trader from the tiny sunny island of Singapore. I've been active in the Equities market for about a decade now. I have previously supported my community via Monthly Seminars, Weekly Mentoring sessions & daily Stock Picks.

    A follower of mine attributed his trading gains of 720% for that year to the support I provided. You can find his attached Trading account for verification here:

    as well as various other testimonies (mainly from Singaporeans) here:

    I hope to make more friends around the world and learn from fellow traders globally.

    Eliezer Wee
  5. Drkelly

    Drkelly New Member


    I am 41 yrs old, and married with a 4 yr old boy. I'm an engineer and my wife is a nurse. My cousin is a broker and used to manage my money, but about 2.5 yrs ago I transferred my funds to an Etrade account and have been managing it myself. My wife has an Etrade account too. This is the first investing forum that I have joined. I'm hoping to learn more about investing.
  6. tony.z

    tony.z New Member

    My name is Tony from China. I am working as a tire international sale in Qingdao Kallen Tyre Co., Ltd which the branch of Shandong Huasheng Rubber Group. I have been to many countries for tire exhibition such as America, Panama, Brazil, Singapore.....and so on. I understand the worldwide tire buiness and market very well. D.Rose is my favorite star who played for Chicago Bulls. My motto is "To help everyone who need help". Glad to know you! Thanks
  7. Fiorella Johnson

    Fiorella Johnson New Member


    I am new user of this forum. I think this is very interesting forum and we have knowledgeable people here.I would like to learn and discuss on different topics.
  8. whoyoutalking2

    whoyoutalking2 New Member

    Nice site looking forward to participating
  9. Segma Singh

    Segma Singh New Member

    Hey fellow traders, what's up? This is Segma here. I am 27 years old and based out of Mumbai, India. I have a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and an MBA with finance major. I work as an excel modeler in an investment bank but my heart lies in the stock market. I began trading in college but the initial capital was too low to make any significant gain, what with the college tuition loan on top of that. People around me mention that trading is too risky and I should invest money only in MFs. However, I have always felt it's possible to read the market and take profitable bets. I use a combination of technical and fundamental analysis and aim at returns of 25-30% annually. Anything lower than that just doesn't excite me. I keep on back-testing new trading strategies because as Ray Dalio said 'You need to be a student of history to be a good trader'. I don't know why and even though people keep telling me against it..but I feel the market can be modeled as a system - the way Ray Dalio described the 'Economic Machine' concept. I just haven't figured it out yet :)
  10. OnlineStockNewb

    OnlineStockNewb New Member

    Hi Everyone!
    Writing from Toronto Canada. New to this site and interested in learning more about trading and stocks; outside of my Tech Programming background. Completely fascinated actions of one company affects some other sector. Like what's going on with shipping sector???
  11. xcoinx

    xcoinx New Member

    I 'm Alex. I'm always looking for new opportunities.

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