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  1. The_Factor

    The_Factor New Member

    Re: Hello!

    Hello all. My name is the The_Factor and I am an addict....................

    In all seriousness, I have been in the business for the past 13 Years and I look forward to the intellignet banter and dialogue.
  2. KristoStockHunter

    KristoStockHunter New Member

    Re: Hello!

    Hello Peeps,
    Looking at some trading forums to gather and share information about the stockmarket.
    Been doing it for about 5 years made some mistakes in the beginning.
    But now its almost like my dayjob. And loving it.

  3. PamelaP

    PamelaP New Member

    Hello there! I am Pamela Phillips from Los Angeles, CA. I came here to see your interesting offers with regards to trading. Thanks in advance for whatever you can teach me. ;)
  4. Baf

    Baf Member

    Hello everybody!
    I am Baf, a 24 years old IT student from New Hampshire, originally from Italy. I have been following this forum for some weeks, and now that the school is done, I can focus on another one of my passions which I share with many of you, finance.
    I have been studying finance for some months right now, hoping to gain the knowledge to limit the losses and score some points. I am planning of swing trading with a little amount of money and get some experience, since where I am strong on theoretical knowledge, I lack on experience on the field.
    Good trades to everyone,

  5. Julien15

    Julien15 New Member

    I am Julien. I am fairly new in the stock market. . Invested around $10000 last year, and made a profit of $4000. I am willing to learn more and more stategies, fundamentals, technical analysis... . I also hope I could help others as well!
    One of my interests is to improve my skills in spotting Pumps and Dumps, before the pump! Would you have any tips, recommendations on how to find these penny stocks opportunities? Websites, Forums, Newsletters. How do you do your research, and analysis?

    Good trades everyone, and Willing to share trading ideas with you!

  6. Acstudio

    Acstudio Well-Known Member won penny contest 44x won weekly contest 40x won weekly contest 41x simulator winner 20x

    Hello, 1st post. Self employed, DIY'er learning trading. Thanks.
  7. Kenpolean

    Kenpolean Member won penny contest 2x won weekly contest 6x

    Hi y'all. I'm Ken. I'm a Texan. Been in real estate several years, but have decided to slowly scale back on that and get into trading. I don't know anything about the stock market, but I really want to. This place looks like a great source of info from experienced traders, so I hope to learn what I'm doing and then eventually be able to participate in the forums myself.
  8. karthik.s

    karthik.s New Member

    Hi All
    [TABLE="width: 144"]
    [TD]I' a trader looking for information regarding trading so that i can put it to use.
  9. venturajepherson

    venturajepherson New Member

    I am a college student and i want to invest
  10. TraderX

    TraderX New Member

    Hello, I am TraderX. New to this website but not trading and investing, primarily longer term options but stocks as well.
  11. Trader Guy

    Trader Guy New Member

    Hello, I look forward to posting here and reading others' posts. Stocks, options, metals.
  12. JRackSD

    JRackSD New Member

    Just introducing myself. My name is James, live in California and been a software engineer for about 10 years now. Starting to explore this new avenue over the next year so dropping by to check everything out.
  13. londontrader

    londontrader New Member

    Re: Just Released: 50 top movers in 2013

    I'm 24 and trade major European stocks and Forex. Looking for some interesting traders/investors to follow on twitter. Follow me: DYorkLondon
  14. The Count

    The Count New Member

    Re: Hello!

    Hi folks,
    I started trading in 1994 with penny stocks. I did not have any real success until I started trading blue chips. My bias is toward leveraged ETFs for short term trades. Occasionally I buy individual stocks. I rarely stay in a position for more than a few days. Most of my activity is day trading. I feel that buy and hold is dead and only active trading will beat the market averages.

    I will try to post my activity and outlook, for the benefit of others as often as possible.
  15. Alexis Waldorf

    Alexis Waldorf New Member

    Hi I am Alexis and really excited to join this forum group. Excited also for the new software additions.
  16. Michael Colton

    Michael Colton New Member

    Just wanted to drop by and say hello, I have just joined. Looking forward to learning and discussing, as well as participating in the interesting challenges.

  17. New Member

    Hello everyone! This is a first for me to start dabbling in trading and so far I have found some good information. I hope to learn more from everyone here and looking forward to this new journey.
  18. ShivaFan

    ShivaFan New Member

    Hello Forum members, I am ShivaFan. I have been an active investor for a long time and am very pleased with the successes I have had. I use no software assistance in my analysis, even though I am a computer analyst of 35 years experience in IT. Other than Excel, my approach is to always be aware of all world events, politics, innovation, from science to disease, wars to water, crops and agra, all and everything is foundational to my next investment strategy and not just trending of a particular sector or individual stock or large verse mid verse small cap or a chart of peeks and lows and averages.

    Not that I discount the later either.

    I am an odd sort of gambler. There is an approach used. But perhaps there is an element of the gamble as well, after all 20 years ago I did enjoy the Racing Forum and the ponies on occasion and wasn't bad at it. But the market is by far the better game, though in no account do I consider it a game. It is very real, indeed.

    My interests in investments have become more broad over the last decade, but I also have my bias, and I also buy and sell based on values and not just gains. I have made major investments in ETFs over the recent year+ and yes I am diversified and have a lot of mutual funds. But I buy individual stocks as well, and about a 25 percent bonds holding in my portfolios but to be honest I am ready to move out of bonds on the dime if interest rates even start to move up a little. I have been not very enthusiastic about small cap either of late with worries about the future there so this gives you an idea of my mindset. On individual stocks, I am moving right now on the down market into oil stocks against all negative trending since I believe a big surprise is coming and they will come back. I also buy gold mining operations in Africa (despite ebola), technology to an extent, and yes I bought BABA - sort of a perspective on individual stocks. I have huge gains on energy stocks, was early in on Tesla, and now lookiny at Lockheed Martin. I am buying big on CVX right now at $111 foreseeing a good comeback. I am looking forward to a Republican majority in the Senate, God hoping. I am a right-winger. I am moderately aggressive in investments and on occasion a gambler.
  19. trader63

    trader63 New Member

    Hi people i wanne introduce myself
    My name is Rene and im from the netherlands europe im new in trading and moost of the time ill trade in turbo,s and options.
    all different stock europian en us.
    as i say im trading not for a long time and what i do is looking at technical analyses in combination of fundamental information.
    I use some site to get the information to do profitable trades.
    site is use mainly is a dutch site for fundamental information
    what i wanne ask to u all is can you tell me some other good sites where i can get propper information.
    Regards Trader63
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  20. newtothis

    newtothis New Member

    Hello every one.

    I am not sure if I am in the right spot. but I would like to take a min to introduce myself.
    I am 32. in my second marriage, with no children. I do not have a collage degree. Nor any special math training. I would 50+ hours a week trying to get a head and deceived I would fall for the penny stock pickers. And I did just that and I fell hard.

    Not being one to take things laying down. I am looking to learn and attempt to beat the odds. My goal is to turn 300$ into 3,000. Once I do that I then want to build my self to 100,000. That is the short version I do have several smaller goals set up in between. I have spent some time on the net learning charts. And have a online account at options express.

    I started with 150$ and currently only have about 18.00 left. I spent more on fees then what I lost.

    I apologies in advance for any spelling or grammar issues. Writing has never been my strong point. But learning is.

    Thank you all for reading and happy trading.

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