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  1. Illuminator33

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    Hello friends. Though I am yet to have reached 20 years of age, I feel like I have a decent idea about where the world is headed musically and industrially. My father made a few million dollars off of the market a decade ago, but it was pure luck. He has some investments right now but they aren't making him anything. I however think PopCountry Music is the next big thing that's yet to become big. Lady GaGa's new album with the twangy music, Donald Trump's inauguration concert being Toby Keith, and some other reasons I have. But I have NO IDEA how to go about making proper investments. I thought about record label studios but again, not sure about it.

    I will admit that my life goal isn't to become rich, well, just to become rich enough to move away from society as I am a person of misanthropy. To become rich enough for that dream of mine first I have to figure out what the society I despise wants. LOL! I think it's pretty evident that Tv is going down the toilet and is never making a comeback. Digital, internet-based media services are (obviously) the future of Hollywood brainwa...I mean 'entertainment.' But I am very poor with only $**** in my bank account. So there's not much of a point in pursuing that when I have pennies and all the choices on the dessert menu are $+10.00.

    The second obvious change coming is malls. No one goes to a mall anymore! I used to hear stories from back in the '60s the people would go out window shopping on Sunday afternoons after church. And in the '70s it was all about 'Catalog shopping.' They tell me that you would go to Sears-Roebuck and look at the catalogs; when you found your item you would ask if they had it in store and if they didn't they would promptly order one of them for you and it would arrive in 4-5 days. If you think about it, that's what Amazon and EBay are! Shopping by looking through a digital catalog with endless amounts of items to purchase. Malls are history, the mall in my town is a desolate, broken down ugly eyesore that no one but old people shop in. There's 5-6 stores left in it and half of them are food or clothing related.

    Anyway, I guess the question is:How do I go about investing in the future? Or more specifically how do I make enough money to move away from this sick society?

    ~a joke post, don't take it too seriously. But I'd still like some tips on how to invest in country music and internet shopping with the most efficient ways, I'd like to skip over the learning curb by listening to wise men instead. P.s., Yes, I don't need your advice if you're a woman. Thank you very much~another joke.
  2. Nate Stetler

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    Open a roth IRA and put some index funds in there. Can see about a 7% average annual annually.
  3. Tony Delk

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    Have a dig for disruptive digital music platforms. There might be future gold among any you find. Good luck!

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