INNV (MC $7 M) 2x Drugs launched & 3x Approvals in 2Q 2014 / Low Float 10 M = TGT $5++

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    Thats a Stock called a REAL LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY . Please Do your own DD and you will know why .GL

    This Unknown Goldmine has two big Products since a few days ago and another three Products will be launched in 2Q 2014 . More Partner Deals coming soon which will bring more Cash to the Company . The Most of the Products targeting a Multi-Billion-Dollar Market . CEO says main goal for 2014 is Nasdaq-Listing means he expect that this Low Float Rocket to move over $3 because this is a requirement for Nasdaq-Listing .

    At $10 this Stock would have a Market Cap of Only $170 M and thats achievable with their Products which have HUGE Market Potential .

    Innovus Pharmaceutical (INNV)

    Market Cap: $7 Million
    Cash : $1.2 M
    Price: $0.38

    Shares Out : 18.1 Million
    Float : 10 Million

    Innovus introduces premature ejaculation drug EjectDelay in US (24 February 2014)

    Monster Pipeline :

    Product Route Stage Disease Territory Exp.Launch Date

    CIRCUMserum™ Topical OTC Reduced Penile Sensitivity Ex-US Marketed

    EjectDelay™ Topical OTC Compliant Premature Ejaculation Worldwide Q1 2014

    Apeaz™ Topical OTC Compliant Arthritis Pain Worldwide Q1 2014

    Acne Care Topical OTC Registration Acne Treatment Worldwide Q2 2014

    Cough/Cold Lozenges Oral OTC Cough & Cold Reduction Worldwide Q2 1014

    Xyralid™ Topical OTC Registration Anesthetic Worldwide Q2 2014


    CEO holding over 6 Mil shrs thats almost 35% of the 18 M Shrs Outstanding and he currently financing the Company with his own money . Its always a good sign when CEO support the Company like this way .
    Major Shareholders of Innovus ( Shares Outstanding : 18.1 M ) :

    Damaj (Bassam B) ... 6.2M
    Esber (Henry Jemil) ...2.5M
    Quaker Partners ...1.6M
    Liu (Vivian H) .....990.9K
    Jadra (Ramon) .....989.2K
    Boyack (Wallace) ....840.6K
    Mirza (Ziad) ....429.2K

    Info about the CEO :

    Damaj took the reins of Innovus as CEO in January, 2013. In his previous position at Apricus Biosciences, the market cap of Apricus grew from $17 million to more than $100 million. During Damaj's tenure at Apricus,partnerships were signed with companies such as Abbott, Sandoz, and Takeda

    [h=2]What excites you the most about Innovus’ product pipeline right now?[/h] Innovus has built an impressive commercial pipeline in a very short period of time. I am excited about the fact that we have the product which will allow us to do commercial partnerships and start generating revenues for the company.
    [h=2]How strong is the market for these products predicted to be over the next 3-5 years?[/h] Our products are for diseases in the sexual dysfunction, dermatology, respiratory and inflammation/pain areas. Those are big markets and the number of patients is on the rise year after year.
    [h=2]What are Innovus’ plans for the future?[/h] Innovus’ plans are very clear and focused. We are working towards commercial partnerships for our product to start generating revenues on a worldwide basis towards our main goal of listing the company on Nasdaq in 2014.
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    They don't have a solid history in my book. Financials don't look too good.


    Oh, and Net Profit Margin:
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    You really can't worry about that kind of info on these junk stocks as they are all losing money. Only thing that matters is the potential to have potential; in this case a pipeline of drugs; and the price action of buyers and sellers. Charting is my best friend.

    That said, DollarChamp pumps alot of these junk bio-techs. Some go, some don't. The volume isn't there, and never will be as its a low floater. But that's also why it could run quickly if a few bigger buyers bring heat. That's what he's counting on eventually, so he hypes the story......

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