How 'Profit Accelerators' Grew An Account 98% in Just Two Months

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    What do you think of the market right now?

    As you know, the rally from November just hit all-time highs (even though uncertainty is sky high).

    Do you think it’s too late to get in now?

    Is it time to take profits or get short? Or, is this bull market only getting started?

    The reason I’m asking is because traders tell me they’re getting killed by volatility. Back to back losses are bad enough. But it’s especially frustrating when you get stopped out on trades that would have been profitable.

    What if there was a low-risk way to take advantage of these wild conditions, without getting whipsawed to death? Would you be interested?

    Because John F. Carter of has almost doubled his account (he’s already up over 98% for 2017). Keep in mind, that’s not some hypothetical backtest. He’s trading real money.

    If you haven’t heard of John before, he’s been trading for over 25 years. He’s written a couple books, been on CNBC, but he’s best known for making $1.4 million in 24-hours on TSLA options a couple years ago.

    What impressed me is that his performance this year has nothing to do with the market going straight up.

    In fact, his strategy tells him when to bet long, when to bet short, and when to bet the market will go sideways.

    As you can see, no matter what stocks do, John’s goal is a rapidly rising equity curve.

    If you want to find out what’s working so well for John, I strongly encourage you to attend his upcoming webinar…

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    Here’s just some of what you’ll learn…

    • Strategies for trading all-time highs (whether stocks continue higher or take a steep dive)
    • How to stack the odds in your favor with high probability setups (so you can stay out the rest of the time if you want)
    • Automatically know where insiders expect the market to go next (this can really help you choose the right strategy)
    • Precision setups designed for rapid growth using small, low-risk positions (with strategies for big and small accounts)
    • Why you can use this same strategy for just about any market in any time frame
    As you can imagine, this webinar will fill up fast. So if you want to find out how John grew his account by over 98% in less than 60 days, grab your spot now

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