How much studying should I do before practising on a demo account?

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How long should you study for before trading on a demo account?

  1. At least 12 months.

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  2. At least 3 years.

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  3. You need to practice and study at the same time.

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  4. You can never study too much before practising.

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  1. tina-knight

    tina-knight New Member

    My big question is, how much studying should I do before practising for 6 months on a demo account?

    I've just completed the school of pipsology ( and I have demo traded for 2-3 months before that so I've got a little bit of experience when it comes to practical trading, but I was wondering if there is ever a point when you can do too much reading about something when in actual fact doing practical work would be more beneficial.

    I have a young son so it would be ideal for me to carry on studying until he goes to school, then I can really get my head down but what I'm trying to work out is whether I should start demo trading straight away.

    I know doctors study for years and years before actually practising, but then again some people learn better through experience on the job so it will be interesting to see what sort of answers crop up.

    This is what I'll be for the next few years of my life so please give me the best answers you possibly can, I'm particularly interested in hearing from people that are already more experienced and/or successful traders.

    Thanks for reading!

    P.S If you think you know anywhere better to post this question, please let me know! I'm looking to get as many opinions as possible as this is important to me.
  2. Acstudio

    Acstudio Well-Known Member won penny contest 44x won weekly contest 40x won weekly contest 41x simulator winner 20x

    I have always maintained a live paper account. No reason not to. I'm always trying out new strategies etc. even though I do real trading. As long as it's a real time simulator with fees you can always be learning something new.

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