Question: Help with understanding options trade

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  1. Anush

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    Hello all,
    Thanks in advance for your time and response.

    I'm fairly new to options trading. I've made a few trades but still trying to understand the details.
    I'm trying to understand from one of my recent trades on etrade.

    On Jun 1st, I bought a couple of call options (AVGO) expiring on Jun 30th. When I purchased the options the underlying stock price was $235 and options price was ~8.30 so I ended up paying ~1600$ and bought two contracts.

    The earnings the next day was pretty good and stocked popped. The price of the stock next day is $253 (as I type). The options price is 19.30$ and my total gain is $2300.

    Now my question is that why is my gain is not the difference of the stock price (253 - 235 = 17) times 200. (3400$) ?

    Also, is there a way I can exercise the options now?

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