EVPH is heating back up with AT&T ($8 Billion distribution)!

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    Please put EVPH on the top of your watch list this morning. This is a very rare find on telecom play that could be sky rocketed due to flow float and this huge news this morning!

    This morning EVPH is announcing the details of a new comprehensive affiliate marketing program designed to improve and increase sales distribution channels. EVPH will immediately establish new payment centers for the Company's prepaid residential telephone services.
    What If You Could Turn The Debt Crisis Into A Huge Money Maker By Providing What People Need Most? Everybody’s Phone Co. (EVPH) has what it takes.
    It’s no surprise that thousands of American’s end up losing their phone service due to non-payment each month. But would you imagine that this group – who may have lost a job, their utility service and even their home – is a huge money making opportunity? The company is talking in the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS! EVPH has figured out the key, and is targeting big revenue growth based on providing simple, basic services like home phone, utilities and home loan servicing – all within a secure payment framework.
    About Everybody's Phone Company

    EVPH is expanding its services to include pre-paid energy, utility, and internet services. EVPH also plans to buy and consolidate defaulted mortgage loans. Simultaneously, EVPH will be in close contact with those who need its services most through buying defaulted loans. EVPH started out acquiring heavily discounted telephone service from the incumbent local exchange carriers and reselling the services at premium rates on a prepaid basis yielding above average profit margins and mitigating bad debt. Once EVPH achieves critical mass in Texas, it plans to expand its prepaid telecommunications products, utility services and debt buying abilities nationwide.
    Last week, EVPH announced that through an agreement with local telephone companies AT&T and Verizon, the Company now offers two federally-funded programs, the Lifeline Assistance (“Lifeline”) and Link-Up America (“Link-Up”), to its customers who qualify. Lifeline and Link-Up are part of the Universal Service Fund (USF), which distributed more than $8 Billion in 2010 toward helping qualified low income consumers pay for basic telephone service through discounts and subsidies.
    EVPH could see an action-packed day once the huge news this morning being absorbed by the Street! Be ready to catch a golden opportunity with this ticker!

    Have You Heard Of Vonage?

    In 2002 Vonage began offering its services, and immediately it was capable of achieving huge recognition from the investor community as well as from customers

    In less than 2 years after the initial launch of services, Vonage was able to receive more than one hundred sixty million in equity and financing.

    EVPH appears to be moving on the same path, except it has an enormous advantage as opposed to Vonage.

    EVPH has the opportunity to purchase phone services from the incumbent local exchange carrier at immense discounts of over 25%.

    If this isn’t convincing enough, major companies such as AT&T, Discover, and Visa have all delved into the pre-paid markets as a way to respond to the over-saturation of "post-paid" operations.

    Several months ago, EVPH entered into a reseller agreement with AT&T providing it access to market prepaid residential unlimited local (dial tone) telephone service in 22 states. AT&T presently serves a total of 77 million AT&T mobile and voice data subscribers nationwide.

    Norman George, President of Everybody's Phone Company, said, “We are very pleased to begin extending our services to those most in need, by helping every American have access to the basic necessities of modern living. We all contribute in a small way to the Universal Service fund. At the bottom of your existing telephone bill is a listed charge for the “Universal Service” fund. The Universal Service fund will pay the monthly cost of our qualified consumers' basic home telephone service directly to Everybody’s Phone Company. Everybody’s Phone Company will be paid quarterly by the Universal Service Fund, creating for EVPH a new and reliable revenue stream."
    Lifeline provides discounts on basic monthly service at the primary residence for qualified telephone subscribers. These discounts can be up to $10.00 per month, and varies from state to state. Link-Up America helps income-eligible consumers initiate telephone service. This program pays one-half (up to a maximum of $30) of the initial installation fee for a traditional, wire line telephone or activation fee for a primary residence.
    EVPH anticipates annual revenues from this marketing channel to exceed $2,000,000 during the first 12 months of Universal Service Funds basic home service sales.
    Eligibility requirements vary from state to state. For more information on Lifeline and Link-Up, visit www.fcc.gov/cgb/consumerfacts/tribalfactsheet.html
    This situation is the result of many events, so Everybody’s Phone Co. is grabbing the chance to build a foothold in a huge market area and then expand its services. The growth potential in just Texas is remarkable, but EVPH is looking well beyond.

    I especially like this opportunity because it’s the chance for average folks to turn market timing in their favor by getting on the money making side of the credit crunch.

    And as one of just a handful of companies that have been able to jump into the pre-paid credit and loan investment market, EVPH is a really unique public vehicle with a power mix of profit.

    At its foundation, EVPH is a good concept: the Company offers local telephone service on a prepaid basis. Specifically, local services include a “bare bones” product providing unlimited local dial tone and 911 emergency access with the option of several customer calling features, for an additional fee, including Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Forwarding and Speed Dialing.

    That is a great market with excellent upside, especially since EVPH signed an agreement with AT&T and Verizon to provide specific services through Federally Funded programs for low-income customers who qualify.

    Now please also note: EVPH takes itself to a whole new level!

    After beginning in the pre-paid phone servicing market, Everybody’s Phone Co. quickly recognized the possibilities and translated their experience into a brand new area. Just a few months ago, they jumped into the trillion-dollar loan investment side with an agreement they announced to the public!

    It's been awhile since we have been this excited about a telecom company. The news released this morning is so big that I believe that at these levels, traders could see double-digit potential from EVPH based upon the current progress that it has been making.

    Make sure you don’t miss this rare opportunity with EVPH!

    For more information, please visit www.everybodysphonecompany.com
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    May as well make it $8 Trillion. This stock is going no where, just like most of your advertisements.
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    And you use Vonage to compare to? Thats just funny. It was the worst IPO in 2006. Land Based lines are a thing of the past. My parents don't even have a land line anymore. Its all about the mobile phone. Here is the Vonage Chart since 2006. Looks great, just like EVPH.


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