Dissolving a corporation?

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  1. Nate Stetler

    Nate Stetler New Member

    Does a public corporation like Apple or McDonald's dissolve if one person owns 100% of the shares? Just curious because the whole point of a corporation is that the shareholders have voting rights for company decisions and there wouldn't be any voting rights if there was a just a single shareholder. Thanks.
  2. ineedupticks

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    no, they would have to choose to dissolve it if that's something they'd even want to do
  3. Rahula

    Rahula New Member

    It's possible, depends on what the shareholder thinks. When a person buys all shares of a public company, it becomes private and cannot be traded on the stock market, as the definitions of "public" and "private" implied. So you can say the public firm has "dissolved".

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