Cognitive computing investment systems?

Discussion in 'Learn how to trade or invest by asking questions' started by Justin Hemlen, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Justin Hemlen

    Justin Hemlen New Member

    Does anyone have experience with the new cognitive computing investment systems?

    The promise is interesting; being able to select better investments on the basis of learned experience, with more of a hard data scientific approach. Not really A.I. as I understand it- but learning based on experience. Say a computer has made a million different investments, and learned a bunch from it.

    One of the candidates is - another somewhat simpler one is the magic formula, which has been discussed more widely before. Though it is not quite the same, I believe.

    A friend suggested it, and so far he is happy. But we all know the markets have been in a generous mood as of late :), and I am kind of wondering about the longer term?
  2. Denise Shaw

    Denise Shaw New Member

    Cognitive computing investment systems?

    I came across your post, however, at the beginning of your thread was also wondering what this system is? And what it does? I know for sure it's new to others too and if this is really a profitable system for targeted investments, this sounds really interesting.

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