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  1. Jelly

    Jelly Member

    I've noticed a 10x increase in "end of the world" articles in the last week, complete with charts and historical analysis.

    I also have noted very few vehicles that are nice and washed/waxed and looking good.

    Coincidence? I think not.
  2. Survivor

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    Ten Minutes to Midnight, tick, tick, tick,
  3. Jelly

    Jelly Member

    It's a hard, hard world when ya can't get no shares of KRE to short. No sweat, eh? A market crash is no big thang compared to global warming.

    Having lived through "duck and cover", I'm prepared, mentally, for mushroom clouds floods and earthquakes, or 10% losses. 11% or more, now, that's a whole 'nother ball game.

    Charlie Gasparino says investors like us should be better than to believe lies from dirtbag hedge fund managers. If we lose money all on our own, that's OK.

    Wait! Did I say that right?
  4. Jelly

    Jelly Member

    Five minutes........
  5. netwrangler

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    I thought cataclysm is what the Jesuit Fathers made me memorize.

    Did I get that wrong?
  6. Survivor

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    Did you go down like the Titanic today? Your not your usual happy self.8O
  7. Horsefish

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    Those older, gas guzzeling vehicles no longer have any resale value. Not worth the effort to keep them looking nice.

    Now, the Chinese have just approved larger batteries for their electric bikes. You can bet those bikes are bright and shiny.

    Cheer up Jelly!
  8. Jelly

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    Na, up big................Options are about 100% up. I'm short, remember. I'd laugh in my beer, but it don't feel right.
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