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  1. Learn trading first

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    So i am new to stock trading. Robinhood offers free stock trades. What is to stop me from just buying a sturdy upward trending stock like google or amazon when it's particularly low, waiting till it inevitably goes up a little, sell it at a profit, wait till it inevitably goes down, buy even more than before with my profit and just continue that cycle and grow money exponentially? It cant be that easy, but it seems like a sure fire thing. What am i missing? Thanks
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    [​IMG] You never know when the uptrend will end
  3. Rahula

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    “seems like a sure fire thing”, this though is where most of my losing trades came from. How can you be so sure that a stock will go up/down? especially when the market hits its all time high? I don't think at this time any of the common knowledge, no matter it's technical or fundamental, still works perfectly.

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