Brand new TD Ameritrade account with $1,750.

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  1. farmerjohn1324

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    I'm looking for tips and advice. Is the market entirely efficient in your eyes? I really don't have time to analyze 100's of companies financials. Should I go with a fund? What kind? What about emerging markets? Are they doing good? I really don't even know where to start other than guessing at random.
  2. farmerjohn1324

    farmerjohn1324 New Member

    I went ahead and bought 13 x DEM (high-dividend emerging market ETF) and 2 x VOO.

    I still have $777.48 left to purchase. I don't want it to just sit there in cash.

    I kind of just picked these two randomly. Maybe I should do more research next time? Or is that fruitless due to the efficient market theory? What would YOU pick and why?
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    So over half of your acct is in 2 positions. My advice would be to save up another 1k$ and create option strategies that can spread your risk around and reduce your cost basis. Using 2500$ I currently have over 85 positions in 25 underlyings using only option strategies. Check out tons of archives for the beginner and it's all free all the time.
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    i would probably start by trading something easy like SPY

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