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  1. Central African Republic : the African Union on the footsteps of Russian-Sudanese efforts for peace

    2019-01-07Central African Republic, POLITICS

    NEWSROOM (ADV) – An international peace mission composed of UN officials, the African Union (AU), and diplomats from bordering countries of the Central African Republic (CAR) is expected next Tuesday in the Central African capital Bangui, said Sunday the press spokesman of the Central African Presidency.

    The mission includes UN Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Jean-Pierre Lacroix, AU Commissioner for Peace and Security Smaïl Chergui and Foreign Ministers from neighboring countries. According to the communication advisor and spokesperson of the Central African presidency, Albert Yaloké-Mokpème, the purpose of this mission is to agree with the Central African State of the places and dates of the various meetings between the Central African Government and the armed groups active across the country.

    At the end of this meeting under the auspices of the AU, the parties concerned will have to proceed to the final signing of the documents, in Bangui.

    The disarmament, demobilization and reintegration into civilian life of armed groups will be on the agenda of the meeting, Yaloké-Mokpème said.

    As a prelude to this meeting of national reconciliation, the Central African President Faustin-Archange Touadéra consulted with the political, religious and social entities of the country.

    According to the exchanges, it emerged that the planned discussions must be held in strict compliance with the Constitution and that there should be no amnesty for perpetrators of crimes committed in the territory, with a view to ensure zero impunity.

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  2. Important Dates Regarding The Central African Republic Over The Next 3 Weeks

    January 10th-11th - Bambari Food Festival. National Holiday and will promote the freedom of Bambari. This town is located just south of Axmin's gold deposit and has been under rebel control since 2013 until recently. Very important strategic location.
    January 24th - African Union & United Nations will host a meeting in Khartoum(Sudan) between the CAR government and all rebel groups. This should be the final signing of peace. Even getting half of the groups to agree is a major boost to stabilization
    January 30th-31st - United Nations will either renew or let expire the weapons embargo that has been in place since 2013. There is a strong consensus that the embargo will drop and FACA soldiers will get high end military equipment to help finish off any rebels left
    All this information can be found on the Axmin facebook page. However some of it might need to be translated into english.
  3. Recent articles about the central african republic

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    Central African Republic Open to Russian Military Base -
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  4. Central African Republic: the army gradually resumes its provisions before the crisis

    Bangui, Central African Republic (CAR) - The Central African army is becoming more powerful and regaining control of several cities once occupied by rebels. The city of Bocaranga in the Northeast is taken over without a fight on January 7, 2019.

    The Central African Armed Forces (FACA), dislocated since the seizure of power of the Seleka rebellion in 2013, began to restructure with the support of the European mission EUTM-RCA but especially the Russian instructors, who train them in handling weapons and fighting techniques.

    Even though several cities still remain controlled by rebels, who continue despite the UN embargo on arms to rearm, the national army, which launched the reconquest of cities is moving forward in its project, a wish the most money of the population, already bruised by the crisis.

    The city of Bocaranga, a sub-prefecture of Ouham Pendé in the north, formerly occupied by the rebels of 3R Sidiki Abbas, returns under the control of the army, after a first attempt last December. According to ADV information, the warlord Sidiki has entrenched himself 40 km from the city. Angry, his elements attacked, looted and robbed some residents near Bouar in the prefecture of Nana-Mambéré.

    "The population is jubilant to welcome its army, after six years of absence in the city. But we do not want a joint operation with Minusca, "said a resident joined by ADV.

    After Paoua, Bangassou, Sibut, Bambari, Bouar Amdafok, Obo, Mobaye, Alindao, Ippy ... there remain only three sensitive cities namely Bria, Kaga-Bandoro and Ndélé, controlled by the Séléka, so that the army restores its supremacy .

    Security observers told ADV that the task is difficult but not impossible. "There are too many manipulations of rebel groups, who are fighting to control the natural resources for the benefit of some foreign powers, as denounced in his speech to the nation, the Central African President, on the occasion of the New Year . The CAR remains sovereign and will triumph, "said the observer.

    The Central African Army, expects more than 4,000 weapons from Russia, several thousand others and equipment from China, Belgium but remains under the embargo imposed by the UN Security Council while rebels, continue to arm themselves under the helpless eye of the United Nations, which only denounces reports.
  5. AXMIN Chairman and CEO Provides Update for 2019

    Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - January 14, 2019) - AXMIN Inc. (TSXV: AXM) ("AXMIN" or the "Company") Chairman and CEO Lucy Yan provides an update for 2019 commenting as follows:

    2018 was a transformational year for our Company. Royalty payments together with the resolution of the long-standing accounts payable have placed AXMIN on a strong foundation and we intend to build on this foundation in 2019. Our main focus will be to become operational in the Central African Republic (CAR) to develop the Passendro asset.

    AXMIN has maintained a constant presence in country during this difficult time and enjoys an excellent relationship with the authorities in Bangui and also in Bambari. We are monitoring the security situation carefully and when security returns, we have plans in place to renew our operation. We note that the CAR arm forces (FACA) have been deployed to Bambari and are now being deployed in surrounding areas. We are informed by the authorities in Bangui that we should anticipate being operational again in the near future.

    To this end, we are expanding our presence in country and will add additional senior staff to assist this process. AXMIN has been approached by several potential strategic partners to assist with the development of the asset. The Company will commence a formal process to select the strategic partner once we have clarity on timing the return to Ndassima. We have completed an online data room for this purpose. The selection criteria will favor very large well capitalized companies with mining and infrastructure construction experience in Africa. The first objective will be to complete a site survey and then commence a phased development plan with rapid production being the priority.

    Going forward, AXMIN will have two distinct parts to our operation in that we anticipate having royalty income from our assets and having operational income from the CAR asset. In order to better facilitate transparency and maximize shareholder value, the Company is investigating how best to structure these two separate activities. AXMIN is taking advice in this regard and may create a separate entity for the purpose of realizing royalty income from Senegal and other potential assets that may be added.

    In 2019, the Company looks forward to being more communicative with our shareholders. We have commenced a presence on social media and will be providing an updated company presentation as well. Management is looking forward to another strong year for the Company in 2019 and will keep the market updated with further press releases on each of the matters above when appropriate.

    About AXMIN

    AXMIN is a Canadian exploration and development company with a strong focus on the African continent. AXMIN continues to closely monitor the political situation at its Feasibility Stage Passendro Gold Project in the Central African Republic. For more information regarding AXMIN visit our website at Please also visit us on Facebook.

    For additional information, please contact AXMIN Inc.:

    Lucy Yan
    Chairman and CEO
    AXMIN Inc.

    General Enquiries
    David de Jongh Weill
    Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary

    +65 9781 8281

    Investor Relations
  6. Note: The UPC was the main rebel group that controlled Bambari, Ndassima and the surrounding area. That group has now been removed, thus giving the government room to move in and secure everything. Axmin's gold deposit is in Ndassima. Despite Ali Darassa escaping, he has no force to command and his funding sources are now gone.

    Sunday, January 13, 2019 around 6 am, after the complete destruction of the UPC military bases, the Portuguese forces left Bambari for the village Gbokologbo , second stronghold of the UPC in Ouaka , 60 kilometers on the Alindao axis . The objective according to the Minusca , clear the rebels in all the sector close to Bambari .

    Meanwhile, Rwandan soldiers from Minusca , based in the Alindao sub-prefecture , have been alerted of the next operation that will take place in the second stronghold of the UPC in Ouaka . Immediately, they spent the night from Saturday to Sunday, January 13 25 kilometers from Gbokologbo , blocking the northern exit of the rebels to Alindao .

    At the same time, the Portuguese forces , which are progressing from Bambari, begin to confront the rebels of the UPC 40 kilometers from Bambarito Digui village .

    As the fight progressed , the Portuguese advanced dangerously from Gbokologbo . Only 5 kilometers away, rebel leader Ali Darassa and his friend Hassa BOUBA , former advisor to President Faustin Archange TOUADERA , called for a cease-fire to negotiate.

    While the Minusca poses its conditions, including the dismantling of all the barriers, as well as

    the non-circulation of rebels with guns in the corner , Ali Darassa accepts all these imposed conditions.

    As a good rogue, rebel leader Ali Darassa and some of his men, including Hassan Bouba quietly left the village.

    As if that were not enough, some rebels came out behind the Rwandan soldiers and opened fire.

    Immediately, the Portuguese and Rwandan forces entered the Gbokologbo village to drive out the rebels.

    Here too, all the UPC bases were destroyed by the Minusca forces .

    While rebel leader Ali Darassa and his friend Hassan BOUBA fled to the town of Ngakobo , much to everyone's surprise, Hassan BOUBA was released on Tuesday (January 15th) in Ndélé , the provincial capital of Bamingui-Bangoran . Immediately, he is summoned by gde to leave the city. Since then, he is no longer visible.

    For the time being, no rebel, at least in weapon or outfit , is no longer visible in Bambari and Gbokologbo .
  7. ECCAS Ambassador Expects CAR Peace Agreement To Be Reached At Khartoum Meeting

    MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 16th January, 2019) The Economic Community of Central African States' (ECCAS) ambassador to the Central African Republic (CAR) told Sputnik on Wednesday that he believed the CAR government and the representatives of the country's militia groups would be able to reach a peace deal during their upcoming meeting in the Sudanese capital.

    A week ago, the Sudanese Foreign Ministry announced that the next round of peace talks would be held in Khartoum on January 24.

    "I expect an agreement between the CAR government and the 14 armed groups invited for the dialogue ... ECCAS does support an inclusive agreement for peace in CAR," Adolphe Nahayo, who will be part of the ECCAS delegation to the meeting, said.

    The Central African Republic has been marred by clashes between the predominantly Muslim armed group Seleka, the Christian Anti-balaka militia, and the government forces since 2012.

    In August 2018, Seleka and the Anti-balaka militia agreed to establish a platform for consultations on sustainable peace in the African nation. The groups then also called on the government to seek help from Russia, the European Union, and other regional and international players in the reconciliation efforts.
  8. The Central African Republic gets set for free trade
    Yaounde, 18 January 2019 (ECA) – A total of 83 leaders from the public and private sectors of the Central African Republic (CAR) have completed a three-day training to appropriate rules of origin procedures for accrediting national industrial products into the ECCAS-CEMAC Harmonized Preferential Tariff regime.

    Facilitated by the Subregional Office for Central Africa of the UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), the training took place in Bangui as part of a series that has already benefitted local investors and administrative officials in Cameroon, the Republic of Congo, Gabon, Chad and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

    The series of training ultimately seeks to fully activate free trade within the ECCAS and help to operationalize the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), whose legal instruments were signed on 21 March 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda.

    The trainees are expected to use the insights from the workshop to make better use of the current preferential tariff regime in place across ECCAS countries, given that current ECCAS arrangements have removed tariffs from the intraregional export-import of items that have been locally produced and transformed, yet were little known or applied on the field.

    "In prelude to our exposure to the huge opportunities the continental marketplace (AfCFTA), the appropriation of the sub-regional market is a challenge that we must first tackle together as the public and private sector” said the CAR Minister of Trade and Industry – Mr. Come Hassan, who opened the training session.

    “This training, which is an essential link in the chain leading us towards a free trade area, will therefore plug the knowledge gaps we face around the contours of intra-African trade,” he added.

    He said it was high time the CAR worked to the extent that its “market becomes a supplier” of finished products to the Central African subregion and beyond.

    For his part, Mr. Simon Fouda – Economic Affairs Officer and Representative of the Director of ECA's Subregional Office for Central Africa, called on the beneficiaries of the training to immerse themselves in the mastery procedures for benefitting from the CEEAC-CEMAC preferential tariff for local industrial products, as this will "concretely exude the benefits of the Central African Free Trade Area".

    Tariff and non-tariff barriers as well as limited economic diversification and product complementarity among Central African states have contributed to the lower performance of the subregion in terms of intra-Africa trade, which stands at about 3% against the African average of 17%.

    The Bangui training brings the number of persons trained to take advantage of the ECCAS-CEMAC Harmonized Preferential Tariff regime to boost intraregional trade in Central Africa to almost 400 across six countries of the subregion. Actors in the rest of the countries of the subregion will also be reached.

    Funding for the activity was made possible thanks to a contribution agreement signed by the European Union (EU) and the UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) for the further harmonization of ECCAS and CEMAC trade policy instruments.


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