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    Overheard this week that was:
    • "I wish Trump a lot of minor success, say, his head blowing up," Hillary C….
    • "May I have reset of my recent Oops?" FBI Director James C….
    • "Look, I am fine," President O…. "Okay, okay, really, really fine," President O….
    • "Oops, ropey-dope wise, Loretta, can I pardon myself?" President O...
    • "Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch will be joining the venerable Grand Ole Opry in late January," Kountry Music Beat magazine
    "Buy on blood in the streets if it is not your blood," George Saros

    “Ever since Happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you,” Hafez

    "The number of history books seem to increase with time," observes new college grad and next (hopeful) Secretary of Defense Maquel "Snowflake" Chabon
    Trump begins filling environmental posts with clowns just in time, as more Clown suppliers go into this holiday season with Clown Fear subsiding…. The magic wand store is closed… Is Alpo now slaughtering unicorns? Hormel? Is Betty Crocker's Unicorn Helper about to be launched?

    Tough Guy Before….
    NOW-W @ Oops & a Topping of Ouch!
    Word of the Moment: sangfroid (Illustrated)
    Some Investing News….

    Not sure how to play this, but….Sysco?... This Cramer fav is now a Trump advisor… and still (More)….

    CHG's conference call is interestingCramer discussed the stock on Wed…. "Mad Money" was plain informative on Wed…. Cramer is kinda, sorta a fellow Trumpster, no doubt due to ACTUALLY owning a small business (amazing what Reality can do to the normal Hypocrite Liberal when s/he has to "eat" what s/he "kills"

    GE Aviation fires up engine made from 35 percent printed partsWill a Large-Aircraft Parachute Recovery System Catch On?Traveling with the "Richer than Gawd" classAnd Part 2….Part 3…. For the common folk--NO DOUBT (GAG) TRUMPSTERS: Rent-a-Flight for the general public… What about using as drone pilots retired or medical issue problem airline pilots, and so on, who are still in a sense air worthy to retrain to fly drones: Would seem like in the future, as with druggist, more and more companies will need tons of drone pilots, say Amazon, FedX, UPS…


    Since fewer and fewer future big time politicians will have military service, why not again allow Rent-A-Soldier (not mercenaries)--super expensive, BUT the future politician would receive ALL honors, etc. needed to run on, while the government would have still more money to waste from this rental service…Consider giving bonuses for such things as winning the Medal of Honor….

    Ya know, eh, ah, take a "maggot eye" view of the world: You cannot be cynical enough fast enough
    -- E. Coli, investor….

    Thinking Like a Trumpster
    George H. Ross is executive vice president and senior counsel for the Trump Organization: Trump Style Negotiations
    • Trust but Verify
    • Test hard "facts" through action.
    • Be flexible - Stay open to new ideas and compromises. However, being flexible does not mean being an easy mark
    • Each piece of information you receive takes you to the next step in the process.
    • “A big part of Trump's style involves playing up your strengths and delegating your weaknesses.”
    • “To get the best possible deal, you need to master patience and strategic thinking.”
    • “If you want to excel in negotiation, you must spend a lot of time exploring and learning what the other side really wants - in contrast to what they say they want.”
    • “People will change things, make promises, and play underhanded with you.”
    • “Success in any negotiation comes down to the creation of three things: trust, rapport and satisfaction.”
    • “Don't even consider dealing with someone you can't trust - you can never protect yourself from a thief.” (Say, what happened to Christi?)
    • “If you start out thinking of yourself as a salesperson, you have taken the first step toward being an effective negotiator.”
    • “You are always selling throughout every phase of any negotiation.”
    • “The one who keeps good records usually wins.”
    • “The power you gain by being thoroughly prepared is magnified by the extent of the other side's lack of preparation.” (How off-guard the press and the Washington / Wall Street Lizards was and is)
    • “People will put in the least amount of effort to accomplish the goal.”
    • “Never talk about your weaknesses, but compensate for them.
    • Play by their rules - If they get tough, you get tough. Try to set a cordial, professional tone, but if the other parties get nasty, descend to their level.
    • Say nothing - You have no obligation to explain yourself. Simply tell your counterparty what you want and wait for a response. This stance takes discipline. (Trumpsters will be continually surprised with whom Trump takes into his camp)
    • Make minor concessions - Giving in on the little things will keep the process moving. However, begrudge anything you give up, and don't give an unreasonable counterparty room to maneuver.
    • Keep your price high - It gives you more latitude for concessions.
    • Propose a range of ideas - This gives you room for compromise. Make realistic bids to become a serious participant.
    • Question simple solutions - Splitting the difference and other simple solutions have their uses, but they may not be the best in a given situation.
    • Aim to do more than breakeven - Negotiating is not necessarily about trading one concession for another. Make concessions only to attain your larger goal.
    • Set an impossible deadline - Place the other party under pressure.
    • Play the waiting game - Be patient. The other side wants to make a deal. Play tough at the beginning and lighten up as the discussion progresses.
    • Before making a concession, determine its cost
    • Maintain control over the speed and intensity of negotiation sessions. Keep the door open by simply asking your negotiating partner to make a better deal or even by saying nothing
    • "Let's split the difference" - Use this option when the price you'll arrive at is one you were willing to accept all along.
    • "Let's discuss this later" - When a discussion gets heated or one party refuses to compromise, take a break, especially if the next item is controversial.
    Great weekly insights into Trump may also be found with this podcast, as well as the daily Rush Limbaugh (which you listen to, or read the transcripts) -- Hate Rush, FINE, but you will miss valuable insights of what is going on within the New Trump World! To be a good investor, we need to be like the Lizards, e.g., Buffett--Note pay attention to what Buffett (and his fellow Lizards) do more than his phony Gramps act!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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